Cathy Dress, winter Aubépine

I think I will be unable to elect my 3 or 5 favorite dresses in my dressing room. But if there is one that holds a special place, it’s my romantic Aubépine : I did the stupidity of sewing it just before the fall of temperatures last year … and I spent my winter languishing. It was also with this dress that I had celebrated the return of spring. As much to say that storage it this autumn was a heartbreak … and that it was urgent to sew a little sister in more winter hues.

All the more urgent that I don’t know what took to the French TV programmers, who decided to go over all the television and film adaptations of Jane Austen in recent months: with each replay of “Pride and Prejudice” and “Pride and Prejudice”, I imagined heaps of versions of Aubépine… until reaching the climax with the diffusion of Wuthering Heights (of Emily Bronte) 10 days ago: associate one of my favorite novels, to one of my favorite patterns, was a truly stimulating creative experience.

Especially since I had the perfect fabric for many months now: this viscose, found in Agnes B, is the exact twin, in terms of composition, of my romantic Aubépine. Only the pattern and the color change: the risk taking here was almost zero. 😉

You know, the secret of Aubépine’s success is the fluidity of the fabric used: it must slip between your fingers and drape nicely when handled. Difficult to transcribe the fall of this dress in fixed pictures: hence some moving pictures.

(To be honest, I make a mess of Wuthering Heights’ choreography of Kate Bush, song that accompanied all the sewing of this dress: D )


(Of course, those who have never read the book will understand nothing about this post: D)

WELL, I made some modifications to the original pattern: in the first place, I didn’t sew the pockets, nor the tucks, whether on the bodice or the sleeves.

In the second place, my fabric being not transparent, I only lined the bodice. This allowed me to make a cleaner drawstring, sewed by hand. Here is the picture on the inside, so that you visualize the thing better.

I also sew the lining on the armholes: so the seam is invisible. And under-stitch the seam of the neckline over the seam allowances so that the lining stays in place.

Having only 1m50 of fabric (the time when I really thought I could sew a long-sleeved dress in such a small coupon) (How I hate me sometimes ^ ^), I cut the sleeves as long as possible : in the end they arrive just above the elbow, and it’s okay. (But the husband doesn’t understand the concept of the winter dress with short sleeves.) (The husband is nice but he will give me his credit card at the next Agnès B sale. 😀 )

Always in 38 size, without changing anything to the length of the dress: and the fit is always perfect.

Verdict: I’m so happy to finally have my winter Aubépine ! The comfort of this dress is so great, and thanks to the fluidity of the fabric, the empire waist remains flattering and feminine. A romantic dress, perfect to sip a hot tea while enjoying the few minutes of sunshine we gain each day. (62 days before spring time, 62 days!)


A nice weekend to all, cover you well!

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