Scraptastic ! #11

I find it hard to realize that it has been a year since I published some scrap sewing here. Yet I have not lost my good habit, continuing to sew my scraps as soon as I can get out something, and this, at the end of my main work. It takes discipline: the temptation is often great to move from one project to another, storing my scraps saying “oh, I’ll do something … one day”. But I know that day will never come, so I strike while the iron is hot. What if we look together at what my lay plans generously offered me this year?

So this sewing is special because you have not seen the main dress yet. It dates from last winter, when I wasn’t in a great shape. I had written the article, but never had the courage to publish it. In the red knit scraps, I had managed to cut a pair of underpants for my husband.

Always my favorite pattern of Jalie, the 3242, with its multiple sizes and options. I took my husband’s measurements carefully, chose the right size (X) and the result is per-fect. As beautiful as a RTW one !

The elastic comes from Mamzelle Fourmi. The underpants are sewn with the overlocker, and the hems as the topstitching are made with double needle.

Let’s skip to the Claire dress scraps ?

Well guys, I let you imagine: a fabric with hearts, if I didn’t sew something for Juliette she would drive me mad. 😀  I immediately saw a little top, buttoned at the back, with a contrasting Peter Pan collar. And I thought the bodice of the Tiny dress could be a good starting point.

It was enough for me to lengthen the bodice by flaring it slightly, to add a button band in the back, and the trick was played.

The whole in size 6 fits her perfectly. And because I was really happy with the result, I sew felled seams everywhere.

Note that the felled seam is quite possible on an armhole, if you opt for a Japanese style: in other words, you sew your sleeve, and then you close, on the same seam, your sleeve and side. The topstitching of the felled seam will be sewn in two stages, from the sleeve, and when this is no longer possible, from your hem.

Parma fabric for the collar comes from Cultura. And the buttons were retrieved on the little strap top presented here! 😀

We don’t lose the rhythm and skip to the Beatrice dress scraps ?

I won’t affront you with some talking about this pattern, which you have seen many times around here. Always the pattern 140 of the Burda of June 2014, this time in size 98.

Paul didn’t want patched pockets, and wanted an elasticated waistband. And I like small and determined customers. 😉

I didn’t take a picture of the inside of the garment, but the whole thing is sewn in french seams. Because we can sew simple AND neat ! 😀

Let’s finish with the Dalida dress scraps ?

I still had enough to sew a little top for Juliette. I saw something ultra refined, the floral pattern was so great. But impossible to find a pattern which stuck to my research.

In the end I copied a RTW tank top from the baby girl. I cut a front and a back in the flowery crepe, and the same thing in my white microfiber. And I sewed the 2 tank tops according to the famous method of the spoon.

You see here the tank top on the wrong side. Juliette loves to wear this top: according to her, the microfiber is ultra soft on the skin. (Wait to discover the silk my dear  ! 😀 )

We reached the end! It only remains Paul’s shirt, from the Sandy dress, but it will be in a future post. 😉

Take good care of yourself and have a good week ! ❤

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