My Alice in Wonderland, Carnival 2018

Attention, I warn you, very long post ! I fell in love with Alice in Wonderland, and it will be hard to dry up my praise for it. ❤

Juliette. Ah Juliette. You must know that this little girl loves to drive me crazy. And carnival is probably her favorite pretext to do so. Each year, she chooses a costume the very next day of the carnival, for the following year. She tells me about her idea for 11 months and a half … and changes EVERY TIME her idea ten days before the D-day. Each. Damn. Year. And of course, 2018 didn’t fail the rule.

For 11 months, she told me about Belle’s ball gown, Beauty and the Beast. And it’s by ordering the fabrics that she tells me, the most naturally of the world: “No, but I do not know anymore, I hesitate between Sleeping Beauty and Beauty from Beauty and the Beast. Or something else. What do you think about it Mom, do I have the time to think about it ?

(“That’s it baby girl, THINK ABOUT IT”. ^^)

WELL, it’s when googling costumes with her father that BAM, love at first sight: “Mom, I want to be Alice, can you sew it for me please?


You know how to resist, you, to this cutie face ??? Not me. ❤

So I began to study the subject a little, and I drew a small sketch, based on Alice Disney cartoon.


For the dress it would be easy: it was ok to sew her a Tinny Dress from Straight Grain, in chambray. The most complicated was going to be the apron: having no pattern who exactly stuck to the apron of the cartoon, I began to trace it by myself.

Digging into the stash, I came across this white cotton, probably found at Mr. Albert a long time ago. And as usual, I cut into my fabric without making a toile beforehand: the result was much too broad, too imposing at the shoulders. I drastically reduced the width of the back piece, and the whole was more harmonious.

The top of the apron is lined with polyester satin, the belt lined with the main cotton. The bottom piece is a simple gathered rectangle, finished with double-tucked hems.



How dare you !” 😀

A naughty I tell you. Let’s skip to the dress?

This is the great advantage of this costume: Juliet can wear the dress afterwards. So I chose the Tinny Dress, which with all its options could perfectly fit Alice’s dress. I opted for the basic bodice version + Peter Pan collar + puffed sleeves + circle skirt.

Having noticed that her Christmas dress was too tight for her at the shoulders, I drew the size 5 years on the top of the bodice, which hinges on the size 4 years at the size, with a stature in size 6 years. And it’s better!

And the skirt is turning, and yes, it’s important. : D

The dress is made in a chambray of Coupons Saint Pierre. The bodice is lined, and I have not forgotten the neat seam at armholes (here the great tutorial on the Sew Along of the Rue dress from Colette) (in the paragraph “Finish Armhole”).

The back is finished with an invisible zipper …

… the Peter Pan collar is also made of chambray …

… and the sleeves are puffed, with the little cute detail of the box pleat on the hem.

Verdict: you would have seen me when I first put it all together, a few hours before the carnival. I started to jump everywhere, hands twirling in all directions, shouting “oh my god” and other “OH MY GOD” completely hysterical. 😀 She certainly took the time to make a choice, but then, WHAT A CHOICE! This character fits her like a glove, and I am happy to have win the challenge. ❤ And glad because she can enjoy this pretty dress for a while. 😉

I wish you a good weekend, here we go a week on vacation in the Cevennes, our traditional spring break. It will be a bit sad this year: we have lost a loved one. It’s hard to let the people we love fly away, isn’ it? Anyway, take good care of yourself. And thank you again for your comments that always go straight to my heart. ❤

My Ninja & My Mario, Carnival 2018

Ready for a post on my kiddos carnival ? Come on, we start today with Tom and Paul! ❤

So, as you can see by yourself  Tom chose to disguise himself as a ninja. To do so, I decided to mix RTW clothes (which can be reused later) and hand-stitched elements.

The t-shirt, the legging and the hood were bought in a store. I just sewed the pieces in red: the plastron and the ties for the ankles and wrists.

Do you recognize the fabric? These are the scraps of his magician costume from last year! (The belt is part of it, moreover).

I drew the plastron myself, which I cut in my scraps without making a toile beforehand … and obviously, the head did not pass. 😀 This polyester is impossible to unravel without pulling threads, I managed to cut a second plastron in what was left of fabric. The sides as well as the hems are simply double-hemed, and the neckline is finished with a facing.

Verdict: it’s simple, it’s efficient, it didn’t cost much and Mr Tom was delighted: combo winner!

Let’s switch to Paul ?

(Don’t tell me that you don’t crush on that smile, I won’t believe you.❤) (I’m crushing so hard anyway.❤)

SO, Mr. Paul has decided, for his very first carnival, to disguise himself as Mario Bros. Who says Mario said electric blue overalls. And guess who had the perfect scraps for such a project? It’s ME! And yes, this overalls was made in the scraps of my Christmas dress! 😉

I was left with what was needed for this project. I looked for the most basic pattern of overalls possible, and as often when it comes to simple and effective patterns, I found it in Peek-a-Boo Patterns.

I chose the Okey Dokey Overall, greatly simplifying the task: I didn’t sew the pockets in front, or those of the back, or those aside. I also didn’t sew the fly, and I topstitched less than what was recommended: basically, I stitched all the parts where it was necessary (the bib for example), but not all seams (like those of the legs for example). The idea was to have the purest overalls possible. (ok, and to save time too 😀 )

I chose the 4 yo size, and as you can see in the photos, it’s a little long for Paul, but I tell myself that at least he can enjoy it longer.

I replaced the buttonholes on the sides by snaps, more convenient for dressing. And to stick as much as possible to the character, I replaced the loops with yellow buttons, found at “La Droguerie”.

We check the comfort?

Well listen, it seems like a rolling business! ❤

Verdict: once again, the costume didn’t cost me much, and I’m happy because Paul will be able to wear it for a while (without the red top maybe, to avoid the total look 😀 ). As usual, I’m very happy with this pattern from Peek-a-Boo Patterns, and icing on the cake, the overall is up to 12 yo! (If ever the big brother wants to try Luigi next year. 😀 ). A delightful little kid + a coupon less in the stash + a proud mother = I like when a plan goes smoothly. 😉


I’ll be back soon with Juliette’s costume, and in the meantime, take good care of yourself! ❤

The Claire Dress

It’s been a while right? I deserted this blog in recent months, it’s true. And not only this blog by the way: Instagram, Facebook … I cut contact with many things. I needed it. Often you write to me that my smile is contagious. It is, especially because it is sincere. I never knew how to pretend. And I couldn’t come here as I had lost my pretty smile. I couldn’t give you the movie of the perfect life: I never knew how to lie. So I waited to be ready, to desire it. Let the smile come back. And since I told you the beginning of the story here, I had to tell you the rest, and the end. And the beginning of something else.

I had a lot of hope in these sewing classes. But things didn’t happen as I would wish to. For many reasons: the schedules, already, which didn’t agree with my family rhythm. I worked some evenings, on Saturdays too. My children didn’t understand why I was going to work while they were coming home from school … and, really, me neither.

I also had difficulties with the organization of the workshop, very flexible for its students … but very stressful for me. I managed 4 students at the same time, who could come with the pattern of their choice. The students had the choice between several slots, managed by different teachers. My group of students was never the same, and I didn’t always know what would be the project of their choice. And for me, who forced me to be the best teacher possible … it turned out to be a very stressful exercise. I was stressed before, I was stressed during the lesson … and I was stressed afterwards. How many times have I felt the ground shirking under my feet … because I stumbled on a stupid technical question.

Sewing, which was so necessary to my balance, which brought me so much joy, had become a source of anxiety. When I was seeing my sewing machines, I only remembered poorly adjusted tensions, unthreaded overlock machines. A new technique didn’t thrill me anymore: it terrified me. Before all this, I adored analyzing clothes in the streets, fashion shows … but now all this left me indifferent. And worst of all … I didn’t even want to buy fabric anymore. While for 8 years, the least free time, the least minute was spent on sewing … today was everything … except that. I saw my sewing corner take the dust … and it made me so sad.

Slowly, I faded. The smile was gone.

And then, by chance, I came across a job offer from an association, looking for an administrative assistant. A part-time job, in the morning, not far from home. By instinct of survival I think, I postulated, without really believing it. And it worked.

And I am so happy. It’s a home help association for seniors, and I feel useful. The team is great. It’s a very small structure. I have been working there for almost a month, and the pace is perfect for me and my family. Every day I’m happy to go to work, and I think it’s a huge chance. I enjoy it.

I know that many will see this story as a failure, but not me. Our current society often pushes us to live our passion, to capitalize our “talent”. Some people do it, and I admire their paths. Personally, sewing will remain a hobby. An escape, an outlet. One way to express myself. A way to spoil my children. Pleasure. Just pleasure.

And now, we stop turning around my belly button, and we’re talking about sewing. For real ! 😀

My passion for shirt dresses is well known. As soon as the Amal dress was finalized, a long-sleeved version was noted in my autumn-winter projects.

(The 2 small sketches are some scrap sewing for Juliette. ❤)

At the beginning, it was to be made in a marine cotton polka dots from Agnes B. But by finding the coupon in the stash in December, I realized that buying fabric for a winter project in the middle of summer was not smart: the cotton was actually ultra thin … absolutely unsuitable for a dress with sleeves, supposed to be worn in cold weather. And it’s by turning the stash inside out for our Christmas dresses, that I fell back on this popeline from Mondial Tissus.

Purchased a long time ago to make a Bruyère-dress, this navy poplin, dotted with small purple hearts, was exactly what I needed for my dress shirt. I love to forget coupons in the stock: it feels like Christmas when we rediscover them! : D

I started from the Sandrine dress, to which I simply added sleeves (taking over the armholes of the Amal dress). On impulse, I wanted 3/4 sleeves, highlighted by a piece of piping parma.

And well, after piping the sleeves, why not sewing some piping on the collar tailor! Having cut my piping in a small parma coupon (bought at the beginning to cut a contrast collar for Juliette’s scrap sewing), I chose to piping only the collar and the lapel, and to die the piping at the overlap.

I always have a crush for tailor collars with piping. One of my favorite patterns is Heather’s Carolyn pajamas. But as I’m a big lazy girl who prefers to buy her pajamas in RTW stores (WHAT ???) (Go ahead, judge me, IDGAF :D), it was the moment or never to try this technique.

Well, the moment or never, I don’t know, because sewing piping on a tailor collar, without any instruction to support me, and in a desert of motivation … that explains why this dress, which had to be at the begining a January dress, could be worn … at Easter. 😀 And of course, it was at the end of the project … that I thought of going to see how my pajamas with piped collar were sewn. A WINNER I TOLD YA, A WINNER!

WELL, in the end I’m quite happy with the result, even if it would have been better to die the beginning of the piping of the lapel, rather than want to create an invisible joint with the piping of the neckline. This creates a thickness that wasn’t necessary.

Still, it’s a tiny tiny detail. Here, speaking of a tiny detail that hasn’t escaped from the sweetie …


In general, my skirts always measure 50cms, and this one lost 2cms, without really understanding why. Of course the lost 2cms have not escaped the lynx eye of the husband. Note for the next one: we add the missing 2cms !

Regarding the interior finishes, I opted for a complete facing, which also includes armholes, allowing me to hide the seam allowance armholes.

And as I sewn felled seams everywhere, I finished the facing with bias. The marine buttons in mother-of-pearl come from “La Maison d’Ursules”.


Verdict: listen, it’s been months (or years) that I’m ULTRA critical on all my productions. There is always a detail that is wrong, a point that could have been improved. In passing this one for the first time, I just felt … a real satisfaction. It was pretty, It looked like me (TINY HEARTS !!!!), it was very well done and most of all … it fell to me perfectly. And for the first time, I allow myself to think so. To enjoy a sewing without being puffed by a useless perfectionism. It must be believed that the break has been beneficial on many levels. 😀

Before leaving you, I wanted to thank all the people who wrote to me, who worried about my absence. You know, I never took this blog seriously. I even self proclaimed me the “naught blogger”. 😀 I refuse any partnership, any test (except those of Deer and Doe). I don’t do podcasts, tutorials, birthdays, contests, or whatever else that would increase my followers. I don’t a give a damn about all this.

So obviously, taking distances I didn’t expect to receive so many messages. And your solicitude to all of you has touched me a lot, and helped me in those difficult moments. So thank you all.

A very nice week to all, and most importantly, take care of yourself. ❤

(NB: why the Claire dress? Because I had a student who adored piping on her sewings. By starting this dress I promised her that it would wear her name. It’s done!

Juliette’s Christmas Dress

Yes I know, it’s mid-January and I’m still talking about our Christmas dresses. It’s not my fault, it’s winter that has kidnapped all my energy. 😀

(This cutie face ! ❤ )

No #scrapsewing this time : this dress was not thought from scraps, but well thought upstream, when buying our fabric. When I started to draw my dress, I asked Juliette what she wanted to wear for Christmas. Mademoiselle wanted a dress (really ?), with a skirt that turns (REALLY ?!). I didn’t think more than 10 seconds to the choice of the pattern: the Tinny Dress was here for me !

But this time, I wasn’t going to rush headlong: my two previous tests having proved each time too wide (number one) (number two), so I took the time to compare my pattern to Juliette’s measurements. We left on a size 4 yo in width, for 6 yo in length. I simply raised the waist of the pattern, so that it sticks to the natural waist of Juliette. I lengthened the short sleeves in 3/4 sleeves, and opted for a simple bodice, no frills. By crossing my fingers so that this time, it works!

And the result is immediately more fun when the bodice is properly fitted on its small owner! So I simultaneously sewed our two dresses, when, at 24h of Christmas, Juliette proceeded to a first quick fitting, when I was going to put the zipper. Our two dubious flanks echoed: the dress was beautiful, but something was missing. We were dithering when Juliet exclaimed: “a collar!” BUT OF COURSE ! And it’s not like the pattern is offering half a dozen. 😀

Juliette opted for the regular Peter Pan collar, which I cut in the same fabric as the lining of her dress: an ivory cotton-silk blend from Bennytex. And what a beautiful idea she had, because the collar impeccably finishes the dress!

The skirt is a true circle skirt, which Juliette had the heart to prove to us on Christmas Eve. (Another miracle that no glass has finished on the ground 😀 )

The bodice is lined, and all the finishes are the same as those of my dress: fell seams everywhere and finishing seam at armholes.



And the back is finished with an invisible zipper.

Verdict: I let the smile from above answer? ❤ I’m really glad I got a nicely fitted dress on Juliette from this pattern. I find the latter really well thought out: the style is cute, the explanations so clear, and the number of options makes it possible to obtain a different dress with each realization. And icing on the cake: the model is up to 12 yo! I just cut a #scrapsewing in this pattern: I transformed the dress bodice in little top with buttoned back … I hope it will be a success too!

I wish you a beautiful weekend, and take care of yourself!

2017 Win & Fail

I think you enjoyed my last year’s summarize: we’re doing it again this year?


Let’s sum up the rules ? In general, I publish my sewings as soon as they are finished. I don’t really have the perspective of their portability. This summarize over a year allows me to see the worn sewings, those that were less, failures, success … and prove to you that:

  • yes, I have room to stock all my dresses, because they are not all winners
  • yes, even with experience, we can still fail … and it doesn’t matter!

~~~DECEMBER 2016~~~

Long sleeved Zephyr Half-fail. I don’t like this dress: first, its composition 100% polyester makes that I sweat a lot. And then, I find this milano too soft: it sticks my shapes and makes the dress much less flattering than desired. But now, we don’t fight against knit comfort: I wear it all the same, “secret pajama” vibes ! 😀

Nettie & Zéphyr, the new besties : Let’s take the pieces here separately.

Nettie: 100% WIN! It’s one of my basics. Even if I wear it too little for my taste: I love skirts, but definitely, I have the reflex to wear a dress in the morning. And it’s even worse in winter.
The Zéphyr skirt: Half-fail. Never worn since this post. And I realize it’s a shame. (That’s why I categorize it in half-fail: I’ve never worn it but I intend to do it one day! Conversely of fails that have not been worn and will never be.)

The Christmas SkirtHalf-Fail. Let’s call it the syndrome of the cursed skirt: you like the style, you like to sew it, you like to wear it for the pictures … but you don’t think about it afterwards. (Resolution 2018: stop putting pressure on me + wear my skirts in winter!)

~~~ JANUARY  2017~~~

Cathy dress, winter Aubépine100% WIN ! I wear this dress a lot, it’s a real cuddly toy. And each time I say the same thing: make a new one !

New Darling Ranges100% WIN ! I love this dress too, I love to wear it in spring and autumn. Naked legs and camel derbies: it’s my easy dress.

~~~MARCH  2017~~~

(No publication in February – thank you sprain)

When Wanted meets Moneta100% WIN ! Even if in terms of sewing it has defects, I wear it all the same. I love its color, the femininity of the bodice. And then, the comfort of the knit fabric … (Must have a hashtag right ? Like #secretpajama ? #theknitforce ? 😀 )

Luzerne100% WIN ! Didn’t leave me all spring, and a good part of this fall. So much so that I intend to sew a more autumnal version in 2018, because the beige doesn’t stick to my autumn-winter wardrobe.

Goji100% WIN ! And I write it to you with a lot of surprise, because I didn’t think I would wear it that much, and indeed, yes ! It’s super comfy: associated with a small red raspberry polo and white sneakers, I get a sportswear look but always feminine. (God, I’m talking like a women’s magazine. 😀 )

~~~APRIL 2017 ~~~

The Carrie DressFail ! It’s with this dress that I understood the interest of the colorimetry. And definitely, the pastel colors don’t suit me at all. When I see it in my wardrobe, I feel like meeting a nightgown. I had to wear it 2 times following this article.

The Nissa Dress100% WIN ! See, coming out this picture, a huge smile appeared on my face. That’s exactly what gives me this dress: an immense joy! I love this dress, its color, its comfort, the memories associated with it. This is the dress that I have worn the most this year I think. She looks like “me”.

~~~MAY  2017~~~

The Lio DressHalf-fail. In fact, if we see it in a “everyday use” point of view, it’s a Win because I have worn it a lot. I’m crazy about this pattern and this bright red. But if we take a “comfort” point of view, it’s a Fail, because the bodice is too short, the elasticated belt always goes up. I’m still trying to replace it, which ruins the pleasure of wearing it. Half-Fail so.

~~~JUNE 2017~~~

The Amal dress100% WIN ! Even if I admit that I choose the days I want to wear it. The small cap sleeves give a very distinct style to the dress, it’s a detail that must be assumed.

The Katy dress100% WIN, and believe me, this too is a surprise! I really thought that I wouldn’t wear this faded yellow, and in fact, this dress became my 2017 vitamin dress. As soon as I felt sad, a little grumpy: PAF, I took it out of the closet, and HOP, like magic, I found myself so much better. Do you think that wearing pineapples has therapeutic value? 😀

~~~JULY 2017~~~

Straps Zéphyr : Half-fail. Retrospectively, I find that the horizontal stripes of the skirt weigh down my figure. So I wore it, but without much enthusiasm. I carefully keep the pattern, and search for the perfect knit to reproduce it this summer. 😉

The Juliette Dress100% WIN ! I liked to wear it so much … it remind me of our Italian holidays … (here we come officially at the time of the summarize where I’m going to cry all 3 sentences, based on “winter stinks ” or other “I miss my summer wardrobe so much” and the famous “anyway spring is in 70 days “)

The Donna Dress : (I just shouted “MY BEAUTY !!!”) (True story ! 😀 ) 100% WIN, of course. ❤ How I love this dress! ❤ Without doubt my favorite of this year. ❤

~~~AUGUST 2017~~~

The Catherine Dress100% WIN ! I have worn it a lot too, it’s so thin that it’s ideal in our scorching countries. (And that’s when I realize that really, I’m more inspired in the summer, I have more ideas, more inspiration, more desire.) (Maybe I’m a bear and I have to hibernate ???)

The Sandrine Dress100% WIN ! Oh yes, but no, my favorite dresses for 2017 are the Donna dress AND this one. This one, I’ll be honest with you: I still have not recovered from its comfort. Sometimes I passed it by saying to myself: “Oh yes, but poplin shirt dress with a cinched waist, zero elasticity, arf, I will feel maybe a little squeezed”. BUT NO ! I think of all my creations this year, this dress has the best fit.

~~~SEPTEMBER 2017~~~


The Diana dress100% WIN ! Such a Win that by the time I write to you, I’m sewing the little wintery sister. ❤

~~~OCTOBER 2017~~~


The Eve DressHalf-fail. I have not worn it much since its realization, which is a shame. I will probably wear it more in the spring, because the crepe is thin.


The Clémence DressHalf-fail. Difficult to evaluate this one because it is a short-sleeved dress sewn just before the fall of the temperatures. It has necessarily been little worn for now, but I think it will be in the future. I notice that I prefer small dresses to large ones. I like to feel “contained” in my clothes: in a previous life I was sure wearing corsets. 😀

~~~NOVEMBER 2017~~~


Witches Duo100% WIN ! Right now it’s my dress “I don’t want to think”. Not motivated? Hop, lace tights, my Miette cardi in black, beautiful jewels, a red lipstick and presto! Ready to run the world. 😉


Let’s sum this up ? 15 WIN / 7 Half-Fail / 1 FAIL. Last year, I had listed 32 sewings (14 WIN / 11 Half-Fail / 7 FAIL). This year 23. The difference is explained by the fact that a good part of the sewings of 2017 are self-drafted : it’s obviously more time consuming than using a pattern. This also explains the predominance of WIN: a dress designed for my taste and my measures will be more likely to end in WIN than FAIL, even if in the end, the record shows that no one is safe from a bad choice of fabric.

So what to retain from this summarize ? Certainly not those numbers that mean nothing. Some will say that I have great productivity: believe me, if you compare to other bloggers it’s not much. No. What must be remembered is that everyone, I say everyone, fails. For a long time, I said that sewing was easy. It’s wrong. To succeed to associate a style, a morphology, a pattern, and a fabric, it’s hard. Very difficult. But that can be learned. By dint of manipulating fabrics, by sewing them, to wear them, you will gain experience. Made summarizes : this will allow you to see the parts you wear a lot, the ones you wear little. This will allow you to target your style. Test pattern designers : they each have a style and especially a basic block. Be faithful to those who sublimate you, to those who fit you well. And don’t be afraid to fail, oh no : they are not failures, but lessons. 😉

Kind regards, and take care of you. ❤