A brand new start

Back from holidays, I come back to you with a special post, which will not present any sewing. But that will undoubtedly be in my eyes one of the most important posts of this blog.

For those who have been following me for a long time, you know, I left the professional world at the birth of my elder, Tom. It was followed by 8 very beautiful years, where I grew up, learned, evolved with Tom of course, then Juliet, and finally Paul. Paul, my little one, the one who was born yesterday and who will go to school for the very first time in a few days. My parental leave ended at the beginning of the year, and it was time to think about a career shift. I confess, I was totally lost at that time. And I had the chance to meet a gentleman, as part of my skills assessment. A patient gentleman, so kind. My first guardian angel on this path.

I’ve met a lot of people in the last few weeks. There have been many suggestions. I was suggested to professionalize the blog, already. But I stubbornly refused to consider this track. This space has always been my haven of freedom. The place where I write what I like, when I like, without following any editorial line, without being obliged to accept such or such a partnership. Sew the pieces I want, sew the fabrics I have chosen, to the rhythm that suits me. I was even told one day that I was probably suffering “from an excess of authenticity”. But it does not matter: my liberty and my sincerity are not for sale.

Obviously, I was also often suggested to launch my own line of patterns. But alas, many do not realize the titanic job of such an undertaking. One often imagines that a designer draws a pattern between two appointments, in a beautiful workshop, a cup of tea in hand. But for having met the creator of Deer and Doe for example, I know what such a company requires as investment, financial as human. That to throw a pattern is not just to draw a garment: one must choose a morphology, measurements, style, a piece that will please the greatest number. Testing a boss, grading it, materializing it, marketing it. Manage accounting, respond to customer requests, provide the most perfect work possible. There is an immense difference between patronizing for myself, to my taste, to my measurements and drafting for others. No, definitely, and at this moment of my life, it is not this way that I wanted to borrow.

The conclusion of the tests during my assessment turned in my head: “you have to find an activity in the service of others, where you could use your creativity, while keeping time for your family balance.” But how to materialize this sentence? And that’s when I remembered the words of my second guardian angel, Chantal.

Chantal, my drafting teacher. One day, during a lesson, she looks at me and leaves me the most naturally of the world “good, when will you decide to give sewing class?” I remember, I burst out laughing: “me, the one who doubts all the time, give classes?”. But Chantal, beyond her abyssal knowledge in sewing, reads better than anyone else in the others. And that day, she’d probably read in my future.

Give sewing classes, of course! But how ? Where ? I do not have a workshop, no place to share this passion that moved deeply my life. But as I am a lucky person, this is where Clémence, my third guardian angel, will come to surround me with all her advice. She will listen to me, help me, give me confidence. “Listen, I have students in knitting class who take sewing classes at Carabistouilles. It does not cost you anything to give them a call : maybe they will need someone?”

And in July, Nathalie, the fourth and last guardian angel of this beautiful path. The one that manages the Carabistouilles workshop. A meeting, a feeling, a common desire to team up and open new sewing classes. Projects, ideas for thematic workshops during the holidays. And yesterday, the very first workshop, and this joy, indescribable, to see a little girl go away with her work. She was so proud of herself, but did she realize I was even prouder than her ? Happiness is complete only when it is shared, and that is exactly what I want to share with the greatest number: joy, pride, accomplishment of a finished and successful work. Sewing has brought me so much: it is time today to sow the seeds that made me grow.

All this long post to share this: this new adventure, my arrival at Carabistouilles, and the publication of workshops available. I hope I will have the pleasure of meeting some of you.

Thank you again Michel, Chantal, Clemence and Nathalie. And thanks to you who read and commented on this blog, for years or 3 days. Your fidelity and your kindness are a real gift.

I wish you all a nice september. And take good care of yourself. ❤


  1. Barbara Cooper says:

    I am so happy for you that you get to live your dream! I can tell from reading your blog that you will be a wonderful and enthusiastic sewing teacher. Your students will be lucky to have you as their teacher! I love reading your blog and seeing all of the pretty clothes you make, including your knitted sweaters. You are an inspiration!

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