In the Kaylie Sunshine family I’m asking for…the Mommy !

Oh we’re talking about me right ? 😀 So, let’s go, here my dress for the big day !

I have long dreamed of a beautiful dress with a sweetheart neckline. Last year I was about to buy the Kim dress (By Hand London), but my experience of Sophia dress quite scared me. If I had to modify a pattern, better drafting it by myself : and Paul’s baptism was the perfect opportunity to jump into it !

I naively thought that reaching this result from my dress would be easy: I was left with only one class of 3 hours before the baptism. “Oh, we remove the sleeves, we quickly redraw the neckline and we draw a 1/4 circle skirt, it should be fine, no?”

(My teacher’s face at this moment 😀 )

And no, it was not that easy! Already armholes are not drafted in the same way, as if they had sleeves or not. It was therefore necessary to work on this point. We also put the neckline up and drew this heart shape. But above all, we worked a lot on the skirt.

I love 1/2 circle skirts, but let’s be realistic, this is not the most flattering form on me. I thought of a A-line skirt, but frankly, I have a little belly and this form is not ideal for hiding it. I then thought of a 1/4 circle skirt … until my teacher, like a magician, brings me the solution.

We traced a half circle skirt, I quickly sewn a muslin, and fitting after fitting, we adjusted the skirt to my curves, removing a lot of fabrics on the sides and back (to reach a 1/4 circle skirt) while keeping some fabric under the navel, so that the skirt remains flattering and both dancing. Honestly, I was pretty skeptical by tracing the shape of the skirt from the muslin. I sewed my dress, and when I tried it on…

… It was exactly what I dreamed of. Not even knowing that this was possible! Retro but not too much, chic while totally casual, dancing without fearing windy days… This is the best skirt for me. Ever.

For the bodice we didn’t have time for a muslin: my teacher had indeed warned me that I might have a concern at this level:

… And she was right! I was so in a rush that I have not taken the time to check this out before lining my bodice. Since we changed the pattern accordingly: a new version is expected in the coming weeks to check everything.

The dress was made in cotton satin from Mr. Albert, and the bodice is lined with stretch satin fabrics found at “La Maison des Ursules”.

(Wrong side of the dress)

The back is closed with an concealed zipper…

… And I  topstitched the neckline so that the lining stays in place.

For the big day I sewn a little belt in the Kaylie Sunshine Liberty.

Conclusion : Ok, you will tell me that I always finish with the same words, but this dress, I swear, it’s true love. You know, there are clothes that affect you as a magic wand: you wear them, and without understanding why, you straighten up, you light up, you feel pretty, you do not walk … you fly. I know it sounds super weird, but this dress there is all this at once. Chantal, if you read me, thank you for your help and this beautiful gift that you gave me, taking the time to understand that I could not even say aloud. You’re a real magician. ❤

A nice weekend girls, I’ll be right back with the sweetie’s dress! ❤

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