The Diana Dress

Have you ever had such a craving for a project that you can’t sew anything else? This is exactly what happened with this dress.

I told you here the discovery of the perfect cotton knit, and besides this royal blue, I had also ordered a bright yellow. I reserved it for September, because this color suits me better when I’m tanned. When I came back from Italy, I took it from the stash : if in spring I thought of making a Moneta, today I could not imagine this fabric otherwise than like this:

The obsession started with the discovery of the Alice top from Sew Over It. Unfortunately, the pattern is only available in a pack of £ 45, with another pattern and a course on knit fabrics, which did not interest me at all. All this was way too expensive for a simple PDF. So I searched, searched … spent hours on English, American, even Russian sites to find a similar pattern. Without success. And that’s when I thought I was not losing anything … trying to draft it myself.

I took Wanted in size 40, which I lengthened the shoulder lines of 1,5cm. I redesigned the neckline based on the depth of Zephyr. I shortened the top so that it’s the same height as the bodice of Moneta, bending the waist up to size 36. I then traced a line at 11cms above the waistline, and split my front in 2. On my top piece, I traced a line between the bottom of the piece and the tip of my breasts. I then cut this line up to my sewing line, and enlarged the piece by 10cms.

For the back, I also lengthened the shoulder lines of 1,5cm, traced a neckline and cut the bodice to the level of Moneta, by bending the waist to size 36. I also drew a rectangle for the knot, picked up the short sleeves of Wanted in 40 and sewed a first toile.

Honestly, for a first try, I was really delighted with the result! I had to raise the neckline of 2cms by going up the middle of the down piece, redrawing the sewing line of the top piece, and enlarging by 1cm the knot along its length. And arm myself with courage for the second toile.

And there we were good ! Then I had to draw a neck band. For the skirts, I simply took back those of Moneta, in size S, shortened by 5cms. In the end the assembly was quite fast.



And I’m so delighted with the result! I’m so glad I took the challenge. It’s true, I took no risk … except succeeding !

The only thing that makes me sad … is to have sewn it so late! Summer has gone so quickly this year. :/ To cheer me up I ordered a new color of this cotton knit, to duplicate it, but with long sleeves this time.

Verdict: sexy neckline + knit comfort + funky color + tiny waist + dancing skirt = BINGO MY CAPTAIN! Not surprisingly, I love this dress, and I’m happy to close the summer sewing in its company. And I now look forward to sewing her little wintry sister!

And why Diana? For two reasons: the first is that it was sewn on the anniversary of the death of Lady Di, and it is necessary to know that I worship Diana Spencer (I had to watch 50h of program about her early September 😀 ) (the husband got crazy everytime he heard the first notes of “Candle in the Wind” 😀 ). And also because I listen to Diana Ross a lot in recent weeks, including this song, which is a bit my coffee + my vitamin C + my endorphins this month of September. The Diana dress, then. ❤

Spend a nice week, and take care of yourself ! ❤

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