Scraptastic ! #10

More than two months without some scraptastic sewing here, it’s a record! It must be said that as children grow up, the possibility of creating something for them from my scraps is becoming increasingly scarce. Today you will read a jumble post, with scraps, dedicated coupons, quite a lot of projects … and pictures. A lot of pictures. (I had warned you: D)

So let’s start chronologically with the Juliette dress scraps : I had made up my mind to cut a dress, thinking of this one, already sewn twice:

We are facing the dress 639 out of the 2012 Burda Special Edition for Children (37H), which has the great advantage of requiring very little fabric for the bodice. The version of last summer still fitting her, I go on size 104, finding two small rectangles for the skirts. Nothing to gather, but it doesn’t matter, I thought, the dress will be straight and not flared, it will be ok ! And it was when Juliette decided to wear it that I understood … why there was not a sheath dress in the children’s department stores.


The poor little one could barely walk in this dress far too close to her body, and I had to find a quick solution, so that she would not be too disappointed. The back was completely finished…even the buttons had been sewn. What if I turned the dress into a top, could it work?

And it did! Thanks God I’ve put this right !

Note that it would have been a shame to put all this in the trash. On a short, she enjoyed wearing it, especially during our Italian holidays. Let’s skip to the Diana dress scraps ?

And yes, because no exploitable scrap either of the Donna dress, nor of the Catherine dress, both fitted perfectly on my lay plan. From the Sandrine dress there must be something for me to make a small pouch. Which brings us to my last dress, in yellow cotton knit.

I remember, pregnant of Tom I only wanted yellow. His nursery was dotted with this hue, from the walls to the bedding. I rushed on the slightest pajamas of this color … as if I felt, intuitively, that my baby would have a luminous and warm complexion, with beautiful freckles as he would grow up. Then of course, I NEED to sew something for him in this beautiful knit. And the Ikatee Marcel t-shirt was perfect for it!

This pattern is a real Swiss knife because it has many options, on a large size panel. And its version with the cut is perfect to skim the scraps !

Here you see it in size 8, shortened by 1,5cm on the hem. (I told you why I shortened it?) (It was not voluntary eh.) (I cut the back piece on the wrong fold.) (Basically I positioned the fold on the sides, and the sides on the fold.) (Yeah, yeah.) (So I cut again my piece by removing 1,5cm to catch the bottom of the armholes) (When you need nothing, call me, I’m here for that. )

WELL, if you omit my legendary blunders, this pattern is an excellent basic for little boys. Only downside: the neckline is very narrow. Here I had to enlarge it by 1cm.

You are still here ? We move on?

We don’t speak about any scrap here, but a fabric that totally fancied Juliet this summer, during a trip to the Plaine Market. A beautiful cotton knit, dotted with hearts, in which she immediately saw a nightgown. A few days later, she submitted to me, very seriously, her order.


(Yes, I get paid in sweet words.)

She wanted something very ample and very long. I immediately thought about this nightgown, the M one, published in “Fait Main” magazine of August 2011.

No difficulty here: two shoulder seams, one band at the neckline, you sew the sleeves, then sew them with the sides, 4 hems with double needle, and you get a very happy baby girl. ❤

I mixed the size 4 for the width, and the size 6 for the length, by digging the neck of 0.75cm.


It goes without saying that Juliette is crazy about it, and now understood the whole interest of accompanying me to every fabric shopping trips. 😉 (even her brothers want to come now.: D)

Last but not least, we finish with what seems to become a september ritual : the school overall !

It’s Juliette this year who needed an overall for manual work: I didn’t think long and chose again this pattern, from Gasparine Creations.

She wanted it PINK : I found in the stash a coupon of cretonne fuchsia, who totally did the job. It was she who chose the color of the snaps and flex, as well as the pretty design of Princess Belle.

You see here the blouse in size 8: I only shortened the sleeves of 5 cms, and the elastics for their hems of 2cms.

Pfiou, we have come to the end! To the survivors of this very long post, I wish you a nice week, and take care of yourself!



  1. Dalia says:

    I really love your scraptastic posts, its so cute to see your kids appreciating your work and how nothing goes to waste! I also love the design you daughter submitted, it looks just like my design drawings… :-0

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